Wine Marketing

Some studies have indicated that there are upwards of 10, healing 000 different wineries in the US alone. This makes wine marketing more important then ever. With so many wineries competing for your business, buy you will likely face many challenges in trying to market a wine and a brand for that matter.

Wine Marketing Challenges

  • Standing out in the marketplace. This will likely be one of the biggest challenges you will face. You need to have a strong presence, store distinct point of view and a consistent branding look and feel to let people know what wines are associated with your brand. This will build expectations for the level of product and services your customers can come to expect from your company.
  • Choice in varietals and wine styles. Whether you are creating a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Fragola, a Pinot Grigio or a custom blend, you will have plenty of competition. There are said to be over 10,000 distinct wine varieties that are created by thousands of different vineyards throughout the US. Through a tightly defined marketing strategy you can identify what makes your wine different from all the rest. From flavor to a custom fermentation process, you need to identify what makes your wine unique and use that messaging throughout your marketing plan and tactics.
  • Different price points. Just like the wine varieties there are thousand of different prices for each type of wine. It depends on the vineyards operating, supply and marketing costs. You will want to set your prices competitively based on your product’s quality and availability. You want to make sure what you sell your product for is what the audience you are trying to attract can afford.
  • Packaging and distribution. If your wine is available throughout the market you are likely to sell more wine. The packaging and labeling will make your product stand out in distribution because it will be easily identifiable. Who you choose as a distributor can be part of your wine marketing strategy. It helps determine where you position your brand and what audience will most likely enjoy your products. 

Wine Marketing Vehicles to Consider

All of the following tactics can help inform customers of your brand and messaging, events you hold, the uniqueness of your products and promotions.

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Wine Marketing