What is Usability Testing?

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Is my website working right? Can visitors easily perform the tasks they came for? Is important information accessible enough? Many of us have those questions in our heads. There is a way to check all these on things on your website with the help of usability testing.  So, sale what is usability testing?

Usability testing is a way to check how website visitors interact with your site. It allows you to see potential problems and find out if a feature or a layout will work or not. During the testing process the person hosting the test will be asking users to perform certain tasks and see how they get through them. Users are usually selected from the same demographic group as your website’s target audience. Also, try some observers may be present in the separate room. Videotaping or screen capture videos can be done for those who are interested in the testing results, pharm but are not able to attend the testing.

Usability testing can be performed at various stages of the project. It is recommended to start it as early as possible. Try to test old design if it exists to see what pieces of functionality worked to try to keep them. How many sessions do you need? Even one testing session is better then none but 5-9 sessions will be able to cover major issues.

Types of usability testing

There are normally two options here. If your budget allows I would strongly recommend hiring a professional team. If you can’t afford the expense and time of hiring a professional user testing team, with two way mirror rooms and video equipment you can do it yourself. What you will need is several users, a person who will do a testing, any office with computer and screen recording program and a list of tasks and questions. If you decide to go with this approach I would recommend reading Steve Krug’s “Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems.” It talks about the basics of usability testing in a very clear and inspiring way.

Why should you test your website?

Website usability is very important for the success of your website. If it is hard to use, navigate or read people get frustrated and leave. You don’t want to send them to your competitors website that are more usable and easier to navigate. Usability testing will help find those issues that could make your website visitor experience difficult. Any time you update or add major features to an existing site you will want to test again to make sure usability was not affected by the change.

What is usability testing

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