What is Email Marketing?

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Exactly what is email marketing? Email marketing is the electronic delivery of messaging from a person or company. It is to promote a product, ampoule service or resource to an audience with determined frequency and goals within a marketing campaign. It is a cost effective, viagra 40mg personalized, interactive format that is easily measured.

Another Branding Opportunity

It is very important for your email to have a consistent look and feel. Emails are just another piece of your branding materials and should feel that way. Your subscriber may not recognize your email if it looks completely different from the print campaign or your website. Also, try to have a different look for each email format you send out within brand standards, so subscribers can separate the purpose of each email.

Email Formats

  • Newsletters should be more about the information. Promotional content should be minimized. It should have the same frequency. A bi-weekly or monthly schedule would be best for this type of information.
  • Promotional emails should have one or more related promotions and can be more frequent than newsletter. A daily deal email is a good example of a promotional email. Best practice here is have a snapshot of the promotion in the email and the rest of it on the website to drive traffic. Give just a little teaser content to spark interest and view the rest at your site where you can collect information from the user or ask them to do something else.
  • An event invitation contains information about a specific event and would most likely require a couple of repeating emails in order to get the best response. Plus, the increased frequency will keep the event top of mind with your audience.
  • Email announcements are when no response is required from the recipient. A few examples of these type of announcements would be greetings, thank you messages, press releases and order confirmations.

Ways to Collect Email Addresses

  • Allow email sign-ups on every page of your website if possible.
  • Collect email addresses in person.
  • Ask people to sign up in your printed marketing materials.
    Include a form to fill out and send in. Place QR code on materials to direct someone right to the place to sign-up electronically.
  • Include sign-up links in your email footers.
  • Let your social networks do the promotion and sign-up for you.

Email marketing is still widely used and is recognized as a great communication vehicle for a company. It has a tremendous global reach and can be viewed on the go and at anytime once it is sent. It is a way to reach your potential clients just about anywhere these days. Not many of the other marketing tools available today can say the same.

what is email marketing

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