What Is Branding? What Does It Say About You?

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What is branding and how did it start? Since the beginning of time, thumb or communications at least, see people have represented themselves or their ideas in certain ways. Cave paintings depicted a particular person as certain shape, height and color reacting with other certain shapes and colors. It was all about story telling and making you understand something about the person and their place amongst others. They put it on the walls because they knew the information could be preserved and communicated for some time. As people advanced they developed other ways to communicate through the use of reliefs chiseled in stone and eventually through papyrus and the development of language. Each scribe had there own unique handwriting which represented them. It became their identity in the storytelling. They were able to put their personality and voice into the messaging.

Good marketers help their clients tell a story about their company, create an image to represent them through time. Just like the cave paintings over time the level of story telling became more sophisticated, more elaborate. We have reached a point in history where we can tell our story through multiple channels. Some of these channels are quick and immediate and brands may only have a single chance to make an impression. So brand has become even more important. It helps give customers an impression, a definition and a message about your company and products or services. It needs to be of value and something that sticks with the customer in order for them to remember and build brand preference.

Customers build preferences and trust for brands they can relate to and understand in the marketplace. Maintaining a strong brand identity throughout the various channels helps to build awareness and create those preferences. There are several things a good brand should have in relationship to what is branding.

  1. Thorough understanding of audience and positioning in the marketplace
  2.  Knowing what makes a brand unique and ownable to stand out
  3. A strong, cohesive visual identity across all channels
  4. Clear, relatable messaging that explains what the company, product and or service is
  5. Goals for how the brand will evolve and create loyalty over time

How you tell your story, define your identity and where you put it is essential in successful brand development. It is this identity that will attract and retain customers over time. It is how you set yourself apart as a business amongst others and convince people your product or services are better. What is branding should no longer be in question.

What is Branding?

Written by on December 22, 2011

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