Website Usability: Best Practices

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In this article I would like to talk about usability and how important it is for your company website. I will also go through a few website usability best practices.

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Basically, ask usability is the way to make sure everything on the site works well. Every designer tries to invent something unique each time they design a website. Often, it’s not making website easier to use. The value of website usability is to remind the designers to create websites that can be easily used and navigated by it’s audience. Successful websites are created when there is a good balance between creativity and usability.

Website Usability Best Practices.

Here are just few of the many website usability best practices:

Ease of use
Once the user gets to your page he shouldn’t have a doubt of what it is your business is doing and why they are here and not on any other site. Clearly spell it out in a tagline or welcome message. Make sure elements on your site are in a obvious visual hierarchy, buttons. Define different areas that are easy to tell apart and create visual clues that are familiar to the user.

Clear navigation
Your visitors should be able to easily navigate to the information they are looking for. Navigation should always be consistent on all the pages. You may think that people that get to your site always land on the homepage but that’s not the reality. User can get to any page in the middle of your site without knowing where they are and who you are.

Professional looking site
Your site should look professional and reflect your brand. If your website looks unprofessional, not organized and put together badly, you will loose credibility in the visitor’s eyes.

Search box
Include a search box on every page of your site, just in case your visitors won’t be able to find the information they are looking for.

Fast loading
Make sure your website is loading fast. People don’t like to wait and you are risking loosing potential customers. Limiting the number of animation and graphic elements will help with loading speed.

Short forms
Don’t make forms too long. Users will think it’s too much work and decide not to go all the way through the form completion.

Make sure your website is accessible. It’s a good practice and you then are not potentially missing out on the market with people with disabilities. Think about how people may use your site and on what type of device and then design and build to that.

Usability Testing

Testing your site is the only way you will know for certain if a feature or layout will work or not. You can outsource usability testing or perform it yourself. You may see that users interact with the site in ways that you might have not suspected. That will allow you to improve usability and increase your conversions. Everyone uses the web differently and you have to create a way to try and get them to interact with it the way you intend. The testing can reveal this.

Website Usability Best Practices

Written by on May 15, 2012

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