Website Content Strategy

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In order to properly do a website content strategy a company must have a well-defined overall marketing strategy. This will help identify the company’s goals and objectives, pharmacy along with it’s main audiences. This will give you the general outline for the type of content and functionality that will be included in the website content strategy. The marketing plan will show you if a website is a piece of the marketing puzzle and if it should be included in your company’s attempt to reach your target audiences. It usually will be included as it is a simple way to give your audience more information about your company’s services and an easy way for a perspective client to contact you.

What is Website Content?

Content is not merely the words you choose to put on the site. It is basically all the types of things you want to include to give someone more information about your company. You want to make sure to identify the types of content to best communicate and achieve your marketing strategy goals. It can include things like:

  • Images
  • Blogs
  • Games
  • Case Studies
  • Informational Request Forms
  • Quote Forms
  • Testimonials


A Content Calendar

It is extremely important to refresh the types and body of content on an ongoing basis. A website is a living breathing thing that should evolve over time. You need to give potential and existing customers a reason to continue to come back to your site. This helps keep your brand and products or services top of mind. Which is a very important place to be when a person finally decides to make a purchase. In the calendar you can determine the frequency of these updates as well as what to update. It can serve as an action plan throughout the year for what to do next.

Delivery of Content

Another key piece of the website content strategy is where on the site to deliver the information. Is it on the home page? Is it in it’s own section? A structured and well thought out hierarchy and navigation structure will show how to best arrange these content elements. You want to make sure through common usability practices to bring the users through the content in the exact way you intend. Giving the user multiple touch points to access the same information is a good idea.

A website content strategy is a necessary part of a successful website launch and always can be referred back to in order to optimize performance through analytic tracking. This allows you to create a starting point to move forward from.

Website Content Strategy


Written by on May 4, 2012

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