The Full Service Ad Agency Advantages

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There are several advantages to working with a full service ad agency. It is a good choice for companies who have many marketing needs and have a strong, ampoule consistent brand. A lot of agencies have gone back and forth in their approach to this idea. For a long time full service was the way to go and then in the late 1990’s specialty agencies started popping up especially as the interactive space grew. Agencies started putting their main focus on a certain area and became experts and worked only within those projects. In the past ten years, the interactive knowledge has expanded and evolved and full service agencies started to become popular again. Rather than having a certain specialty for the agency, agencies started to develop departments of people that specialized in those areas. Then, they employed people who where in charge of seeing the brand through all channels applying the consistency needed to bridge the gaps between the mediums. Some of the strong advantages to working with a full service ad agency are the variety of services, a single line of contact, brand consistency, unified evaluation of a campaign’s success and the ease of future projects.

Full Service Ad Agency Offerings

These type of agencies can offer services that range from marketing strategy consultation, to direct mail, to website design, development and analysis. They can offer audience based marketing suggestions that will work and can be media neutral. They don’t have to sell you the small range of solutions a non full service ad agency has and make them work, but rather a wide set of solutions across the board that truly fits your business needs and reach your audience.

Communications Made Easy

You will be able to work with a single group of people that will be responsible for making sure you brand is consistent, no matter what marketing piece is developed. It is much easier to make communications hang together when they are worked on within the same agency. They is no need to get multiple agencies up to speed on a regular basis when you work with a single team within the full service ad agency.

Understanding of Brand

When working with a full service ad agency they are able to offer suggestions on an ongoing basis because they have a strong understanding of your marketing goals and brand. Analytics can be put on all the pieces of a campaign and those metrics can drive the use of particular mediums in the future. You can see the campaign numbers in their entirety. If you worked with specialty agencies you would have to pull this together and come up with a lot of those suggestions and conclusions on your own.

We are a full service ad agency. A lot of our client’s have chosen us because of the wide variety of services and experience we offer even if they only need a few to start with. It is important to build that foundation for future work based on goals. It saves time, money and effort down the line. See Creatage’s full service line and get started with us today.

Full Service Ad Agency

Written by on March 16, 2012

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