Target Market, Who are These People Anyways?

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Most companies will recognize everyone that uses their product or service as their target market. This can be true, viagra 40mg however it is really difficult to target everyone that might use your good or service and would not be cost effective. You need to try and figure out which part of that total audience will be the best return on your investment. You also have to see if you have enough people that fit a certain criteria in order for it to be cost effective to market to them.

Identifying a particular portion of your target that is very segmented can be a good use of your marketing dollars because you can more accurately target specific deliverables that appeal to them. Every audience will have different response rates based on the type of deliverable and offered response vehicle. In order to customize the experience to the audience you have to analyze the target market thoroughly.

You can segment the audience by simply identifying and breaking down the total target market into categories like below:

• Age
• Location
• Gender
• Income level
• Education level
• Marital or family status
• Occupation
• Ethnic background

This will help you figure out what types of marketing will works with each group and will show you your largest demographic. It may even show you the difference between and influencer and an actual target. A whole science has emerged in the study of humans and what triggers them to act in a certain way. Psychographics have now found their way into marketing in order to fully understand what influences a particular target may have and how they impact their decisions. The more clearly you understand a person and what influences them allows you to craft a very specific marketing piece that will appeal and motivate them to act. Psychographics include looking at the following attributes:

• Personality
• Attitudes
• Values
• Interests/hobbies
• Lifestyles
• Behavior

Creatage can help you identify which is the best part of your target audience to market to and develop campaigns that are designed to speak directly to that target. We have experience working with all sized target markets. The bigger the overall audience, clinic the more likely we will be to segment in order to customize to the individual experience and have a higher response rate. Being as relevant and relatable as possible on an individual level will get the most engagement. Segmentation has grown to incredible levels and can even customize imagery and content on an individual basis if there is a need to do so. Contact us to start reviewing your target market today.

Target market, who are these people anyways?

Written by on November 12, 2013

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