Multi-Sensory Direct Mail

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Direct_Mail_box_smallAccording to the fundamentals of direct mail marketing, in order to be actually opened and read, you need to be intrusive, engaging, have a strong call to action and visually stand out from other mail. Direct mail can be designed in a variety of ways to accomplish these goals, ranging from a simple postcard to a direct mail piece that includes a flat video screen that can play a commercial or even a 2-minute presentation. Direct mail certainly has evolved and diversified over the past few years, challenging and engaging more parts of the consumer’s brain than ever before. We now live in a technologically driven world, and as marketers we jump at the chance to tell our story and hold the viewer’s attention for more than a few seconds. Multi-sensory direct mail can do this, and often quite effectively. Let’s look at a few new ways direct mail is harnessing the technology space and incorporating it into paper-based direct mail design.

Sense of Taste, Touch and Smell

A variety of papers can be used to engage our sense of taste, touch and smell. Currently there quite a few CPG manufacturers utilizing formats like these to keep their products tops in the consumer’s mind for their next shopping trip (especially if the experience was a positive one).

Lights and Sound

Lights and sound (particularly music) has been incorporated into direct mail for a few years now. One of the newest innovations is utilizing radio frequency. You now send a mailer that contains a radio frequency chip that can transmit content from a radio station anywhere the mailer is! It allows companies to hold their audience’s complete attention as they broadcast audio information as soon as you want to. You can invite people to tune in for special broadcasts, original content or participate in a talk show centered around a service or product.


This is the newest and most exciting technology option for direct mail. Marketers are now able to embed a video screen into a direct mail piece, allowing for chapterable content along with 60 continuous minutes of video. The screen sizes vary based on individual needs, and they can be quite expensive. However, if you have a high cost of acquisition and charge enough per sale, this might be an effective option for you. Because it commands attention through it’s powerful visuals, you opt to use it for your very qualified prospects . Check out this piece from Audi, it does a beautiful job showcasing it’s latest new car model.

Direct Mail_Audi_Video

One of our biggest challenges for marketers is standing out and making our own voice heard above all the others. Multi-sensory direct mail puts you into this space and makes people notice you like never before. There is a strong likelihood your multi-sensory piece will be shared for it’s experience and technology and you might reach a wider audience through word-of-mouth alone. The goal, of course, is to keep your product, service or brand at the top of everyone’s mind. Creatage has experience with these new technologies and can help you utilize it to most effectively reach your target audience. We have seen a much higher lift in response rate with these types of pieces. These choices can definitely be more expensive, but it could be worth the investment if your price points are high enough; one single sale could cover the whole mailing!

Written by on April 2, 2014

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