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So many companies and design folks alike are talking about modern logo design. What makes a logo modern? There are many elements that can make a logo modern, ambulance but first and foremost the decisions that you make on which ones to use have to fall in line with your brand. Creating a logo that doesn’t represent your company’s vision and ideals just to make it more modern might be counterintuitive. Some logos work just fine for company’s with well established brands and there is no sense in making them more modern. Take for example: Morgan Stanley?

Elements of Modern Logo Designs

Fonts in the san serif and script faces seem to be used in modern logo designs more often. We are also noticing an uptake in designs that use all lowercase letters and ones that use lighter typefaces. Millions of typefaces are even more accessible via the web so the choices have become even more abundant. This helps a company find one that is exactly right and if not, cialis custom fonts are trending as well. This helps company’s have a unique typeface that is not accessible to others and helps to take their branding to a more ownable level. Custom colors have been used for years to do this and now more recently have moved into typefaces.

Colors with energy, like shades of oranges, greens and yellows have seemed to join the ranks of the grays and blues that seem to have a dominated logo design for quite some time. Grays and blue have continued to hold their own by just the pure nature of what emotions they convey. Trustworthiness, stability, strength, reliability and professional are values of a lot of companies so it’s no surprise they are still used a lot. The emergence of so many technology and green companies have helped to push the use of those brighter more energetic colors to the top.

Simple logos with clean, not overly complicated designs have started to rain supreme. More and more modern logo designs are really trying to incorporate the graphic elements  into the typeface. They have started to become part of the words and not just two separate elements in a lock-up. Don’t get me wrong those logos still work and are widely used, a marrying of the two element seems to be where a lot of designs are heading.

Again, when considering the elements from above, a company should remember to always select the fonts, colors and style of graphic that reflects the type of messaging and emotions that they are trying to convey to their audience. A wrong selection could give your audience the wrong impression, which could eventually harm your business. Sometimes, it takes a while to settle on just the right variation of a logo to move forward with. It represents your brand, so it should be a big part of a well thought out strategy.

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Modern logo design


Written by on October 20, 2012

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