Landing Page Design and Development

Companies use landing pages for all sorts of things. Traditionally, diagnosis they were called a landing page because it was where people would “land” when clicking on a banner or typing in a url from a print piece. It was usually the payoff for the call to action. Today it can be used as a single page to announce a new site coming soon, story a single page within an existing website to feature a promotion or campaign and can be an entire site for some people who just want to feature a location and brief contact and hour info.

Landing page design and development would be similar to microsite design and development or even corporate website design and development but on a much smaller scale. The same process of completing website marketing strategy and website planning documents would be followed. Landing page design and development can be as complex or as simple as a company requires.

A website maintenance service can help support the landing page design in development in that it will allow for freshening up the page with new images, patient copy and links. Or help with any display or technical issues.

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