IPad in Business. A cool toy or a Business Tool?

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The question of whether or not an IPad in business is a toy or a legitimate business tool is raised by many business people I know. The answer is very simple. It all depends on the business needs and the problems that need to be solved within the company. For example, treat if you need for your team to have access to email or documents and client information from a mobile device, no rx then an IPad may be just the right tool for your business.

The nest step is to make sure you have proper technical support for your IPad in business whether you are going to outsource it or keep it in house. Once the technical infrastructure has been setup, you can determine what applications are necessary and will provide a return on the investment. Things to consider when choosing an IPad as a business solution are the multiple ways it can be used. Some of them are communication, document and file access, productivity, reporting and analytics, social networking and customer service. In this article will we focus on communication and the other solutions in subsequent articles in this series.

Communication Made Easier

The evolution of the IPAD has expanded corporate communication to new levels. It is not limited to strictly phone calls and emails anymore. New technologies have allowed us to do video calls and video conferences. This is a vital asset to any company especially those that are geographically disbursed. Internally, companies are utilizing the Facetime application to connect with colleagues to collaborate on everyday business activities. Having face to face conversations is important, but having them all in the same room is becoming more and more challenging.  Companies are seeing a decrease in email traffic and travel costs are being significantly lowered.  Externally, companies are utilizing the Facetime application to consult with clients giving them that feeling of personal attention.

Overall communication is one of the key aspects of any business. Utilizing the Ipad platform has given businesses and clients an enriched communication atmosphere.  It has escalated customer service and helped cut telephone and travel costs. This IPad in business solution is definitely a legitimate one.

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IPad in Business

Written by on March 31, 2012

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