How to Improve a Website

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When looking at a website in it’s current state there are several areas to consider in how to improve a website. Websites have to function well, viagra 60mg be usable, pharm include interesting and engaging content, unhealthy be accessible from multiple platforms, browsers and allow people with disabilities to access content. Also when you look at how to improve a website you want to look at how search engine indexes and ranks your your site.

Usability & Functionality

Using basic user experience best practices will help your site in significant ways and is yet another way of how to improve a website. Understanding the way someone uses a site will create your definition on how to arrange content, order content and build functionality to create expected behaviors by your audience. It is extremely important to develop clear distant pathways on how to navigate the content. This will move your user throughout the site and achieve goals you define like filling out a contact form, requesting more information or signing up for future email marketing. Functionality requirements will define the elements that need to be present in order for your user to use and interact with site content when and where you intend.


You want to make sure the content you put on your site is useful to your user. You want to teach them about your business, brand and offerings. The type of content to include on your site will vary based upon your marketing strategy and plans. If you want to appear as a resource and a go to place for the latest industry information you will want to include a blog feature on your site with recurring content that a user can keep coming back for. If you want to allow your customer to be able to see work you have created you will want to include a searchable portfolio or gallery of work.


When you build a website, you will want to test the site to make sure it works well and that the functionality is maintained in all the browsers, platforms and on the multiple devices your audience uses. Making a mobile friendly version of your site is a necessary step these days as the mobile penetration is growing every day and will soon be greater than that of desktop computer usage. You will always want to take into consideration any disabilities your audience may have and build functionality that will make your site accessible to them.

Search Engine Relevance

When you create a site, content and tags you will want to find keywords that help you rank higher in search engine for relevant terms. The search engine will crawl your site and index the content from live text, coding and tagging. In order to rank higher in search results you will have to continue to allow your site content and search terms to evolve over time. Your site will build up search engine credibility the longer is it up and the more traffic is sees.

These are just a few ways of how to improve a website and if you work at addressing them, your site will be better than ever.

Written by on May 18, 2012

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