Green marketing: Easy ways to get started

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earth-dayIn honor of Earth Day I thought it would be fitting to talk a little about green marketing techniques. Environmentally-conscious marketing may require a little more effort (and cost) but it is worth it in the long run. To perform your job while respecting and conserving the Earth’s resources can be a very fulfilling undertaking. Even small efforts over time can add up to making a big impact.

Greener direct mail

When planning direct mail marketing, drug you might consider paper containing a large percentage of post-consumer waste. You not only decrease the demand for new paper production, try you also help re-use materials already in existence. Interesting textures and mottling in these papers can lend an interesting effect to the design of your direct mail pieces. You should consider indicating your use of recycled paper so your customers will know you took the extra effort to be green on their behalf.


You might also consider utilizing smaller direct mail formats – you will use less physical materials but still have a platform from which to establish electronic communication (via email)  which produces no waste.

Green marketing through email communications

Since email creates no waste, you can share as much content as you wish, via newsletters or company/product announcements, without seeming insincere about your efforts to be green.


Build a green marketing website

By continually uploading fresh content to your website your customers will continue to visit your site to get the latest information. The more often you put interesting content on the site, the more often your visitors will return. You want to keep your company top of mind with consumers so the more they interact with you the more likely they will consider you when an opportunity arises. This is an easy inexpensive, green marketing way to hit your customers on a repeated basis. Become a trusted expert and they will return time and time again.


Creatage is very interested in and dedicated to creating the most bang for your marketing dollar and using electronic platforms not only promote green marketing opportunities, but are extremely low cost ways of reaching your customers. Contact us today to see what we can do to help you with your green marketing efforts.

Written by on April 22, 2014

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