Free Professional Logo Design With Website Design Contract

Creatage, drugs a Milwaukee based full service marketing agency has come up with an offer to the US and Canada market. According to Creatage’s spokesperson, click the agency offers a free professional logo design to any business that will use the agency’s website design and development services in February and March of 2012.

To take advantage of this offer you need to sign a website design and development contract with Creatage until March 31, nurse 2012.

We all know how important identity is for any business. It should convey what the business is and what it stands for. People tend to choose brands they are familiar with and trust. An identity piece may be the only chance you have to make a first impression.

A professional logo is the first step towards this strong identity. It should be unique and memorable and be the base of all other marketing materials. It is very important in the initial phase of logo development for the creative team to do a deep dive into your business, it’s goals and messaging. All marketing efforts must align with these.

The spokesperson also added that the agency is using the most modern website design and development techniques. Creatage is also helping small and medium sized businesses create website strategies, build high quality website designs and create mobile versions of a website. The agency creates a great user experience while creating brand awareness.

Creatage, a Milwaukee ad agency, specializing in all areas of marketing and advertising from branding and identity design to website design and development to social media management and search engine optimization. Agency has wide range of experience with truly diverse clients.

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