Direct Mail vs. Email

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Both are very important parts of an integrated marketing campaign. They both can be used in conjunction with one another to reinforce one another, ambulance hit different type of users and appeal to different demographics. Since people use media in different ways it is better to cast a wider net with a few tactics at once with a central point of action, like to visit a website or an event. Sometimes it is possible to use only one of these tactics within a given budget. There are advantages and disadvantages to each deliverable type. Below I will discuss benefits and limitations of direct mail vs. email.

EMAIL — Strengths

  • Inexpensive
  • Quick to turnaround and change
  • Immediate link to website or contact form for next steps
  • Easier to keep in a contact stream with multiple touchpoints
  • Tracking is very clear and offers multiple measurements
  • Personalizable content

EMAIL — Challenges

  • Hard to get lists of email addresses
  • Strong competition with all other digital advertising for attention
  • Infiltration of inbox
  • Spam filters
  • Short time to catch attention, matter of seconds

DIRECT MAIL — Strengths

  • More intrusive
  • Multi-sensory
  • Engages larger part of the brain, tactile
  • Personalizable content
  • Ability to control content flow, better for building a story

DIRECT MAIL — Challenges

  • Can be expense because it includes production, material and postal expenses
  • Tracking requires customized numbers or websites
  • Can and will get thrown-out if not compelling enough

Some audiences are better suited for each. Some groups prefer direct mail vs. email and others the latter. So when you have to make a decision of one over another the audience should be carefully researched to understand what would appeal to them more.

Which tool is better for what?

Direct mail is better in new business recruiting because email addresses for these groups would be harder to obtain. Emails are good for maintaining communications and delivering offers to customers who are already familiar with your business. They are more likely to open an email from someone they know where as direct mail if intrusive, interesting and compelling will be opened regardless of whom it is from. You have a chance to build the relationship through this type of communication and request email addresses to continue conversations that way. So as you can see there is a time for both and they can work separately, together or follow one another.

Let Creatage help you decide between direct mail vs. email or help you devise a plan that utilizes both in a way that work best with your audience. Contact us for a consultation on your marketing needs.

Direct Mail vs. Email

Written by on October 15, 2013

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