Direct Mail Design: What Works?

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Direct mail has been making a resurgence lately. When email and online banners started to take over, medical direct mail took a back seat. But now that people are being flooded with emails and online banner advertising at every turn online, doctor direct mail is starting to move forward again as a very good, cialis targeted channel for businesses. Some studies have shown that the tactile nature of direct mail engages more of a person’s brain than a simple flash of an online banner. It provides a multisensory experience. So the more we can engage people with direct mail design tactics that work, the more likely they are to respond to our calls to action. Strong direct mail design exhibits a few things that will make it successful.

A Compelling Teaser Line

You want to put a line on the outside of the piece whether it be an envelope or the mailing panel of a self mailer that gives enough information, but leaves the door open to curiosity and exploration. We want the customer to open the piece and find out more. This is where we have the one chance to have the piece be opened or end up in the trash. The teaser line is very, very important

Relatable Imagery

When people see imagery that they can relate to they become more engaged. You want to use images that show a benefit to the customer. It can be the features of a new product or a lifestyle type image of the correct demographic enjoying the benefits of the product. If the piece is for retired people you don’t want to use images of teenagers. They have to be relatable otherwise they won’t work.

Interesting Size or Shape

Your piece needs to stand out in the pile of mail people get everyday. Making it an oversized piece, something with dimension or an interesting die cut will stand out and command attention. Direct mail designs that add interest with shape and size will be seen and opened more often. If budget does not allow for a bigger, more intricate piece you can go with a business letter piece, or standard postcard size but try using a more interesting paper in texture, weight and color. The whole point is the break through the clutter and you should try and do it any way you can within your budget.

Straightforward Content

Your message should be clear and concise. Some people will read the entire piece cover to cover, but a vast majority will scan and look for bits and pieces of the content that interest them. Bulleted content is a good way to reach those people. Make the bullet copy short, simple and to the point. Don’t overload the piece with content. Too much copy will overwhelm. The point of direct mail is to get the customer to take action, which leads to my final point.

Strong Call To Action

What do we want the customer to do? Visit a website, call a representative, visit a location, attend a seminar? This call to action needs to be simple and has to appear on the piece in several places to make sure it is not missed, after all it is the whole point of the piece. Make it easy for the customer to act. Give them multiple ways to act. This way you give people the option to respond the way they most feel comfortable.

Creatage creates strong, attention grabbing direct mail that can help your business break through the clutter. Contact us today to see how we can help your business engage customers through powerful direct mail design.

Direct Mail Design: What Works?

Written by on October 26, 2012

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