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Direct mail has specific elements that make it successful and in order to make a very creative direct mail piece you need to elevate those elements without losing sight of it’s main goal. The purpose of direct mail is to engage the viewer enough through use of an interesting format, viagra 60mg relatable imagery and convincing copy or offer to make the viewer take a clear, ailment desired action. For example if you want them to sign-up for a service you need to focus the copy and call to actions to allow them to respond for subscription in multiple ways. It should be clear and concise throughout the piece so there is no confusion as what to do to sign-up. The first step is to get them to open the piece in order to know what to do.

The best creative direct mail utilizes the basics to create more intrusive and impactful experiences that will ultimately drive more responses. It can be achieved through multiple designs and formats. Here are a few examples where the creative was taken to the next level and truly took advantage of direct mail principals to create compelling response vehicles.

A Dimensional Experience

A piece that requires interaction because of it’s folds, medicine panels, inserts, trinkets, pop-ups or sheer dimension builds interest and excitement. When something contains weight or bulk it usually gives the impression of perceived value and will most likely be opened and looked at. The longer the person engages with something the more likely they are to keep it or to read through all the content, which guides them to take action. It can go from simple to complex depending on your audience. The examples below are various ways to execute a dimensional experience through creative direct mail design.

Creative direct mail folded piece


Aon used this piece to get people to attend a trade show they were participating in. They were leveraging their relationship with the Hasbro game risk. The mailer was a folded 3-dimensional game board that had playing cards inviting customers to go to their booth to win a prize by participating in activities to learn more about their services. The dimension and weight of the piece created more impact and related very well to it’s audience of companies with high international risks.

Creative direct mail premium piece


Sound studio Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions (GGRP) used this piece to promote the resurgence of it’s sound studio and give clients a fresh perspective of their business. The inclusive of a gift or a trinket that could be left behind would keep that business top of mind. It is a good sharing vehicle outside of the original intended audience.

Creative direct mail pop-up piece


Macro Pro sent out this direct mail piece to show potential customers the value of their variable data printing services. They wanted to secure an in person meeting to demonstrate their capabilities. The pop-up piece included product information, variable information as well as url that was customized to each recipient. It showed how the variable content could be implemented and made relevant to a potential customer in a dimensional format. The piece contains interesting visual elements that call for engagement.

Unusual creative direct mail piece


Touch branding developed this piece that created a stir with it’s unusual nature. They used a blood donation bag to show how dedicated they were to create strong branding in order to attract creative directors to use their services. It had a personalized label element as well as a traditional enclosure, but it’s shape, size and material drew attention. It is something that was shocking and could not be overlooked.

Budget and lead time are always the most restricting pieces of the direct mail puzzle for a client. So depending how much you have of either of those the more likely you are to have the time and money to create a dynamic piece. Direct mail can be inexpensive but sometimes you need to get creative with the theme or offer in order to be more impactful when budget and timeline are an issue.

Creatage has had a tremendous amount of experience in the direct mail arena. From very complex to simple, all executed to create interest, excitement and illicit an action by the reciepent. Please contact us to see how we can help you with your company’s direct mail needs.

Written by on May 30, 2013

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