Client Agency Relationship

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Building a good client agency relationship is essential to the overall success of marketing a brand. There has to be mutual respect for the part each plays in the relationship with the common underlying goal of marketing success. You have to build a partnership that brings in a multitude of skills sets to get the job done. Sometimes it takes awhile to find a good client agency relationship that fits your company’s goals and ideals. In the long run it is worth it because they can last a very long time.

Finding a Good Fit

You need to find an agency that you feel does a good job representing other brands. It helps if the agency has experience or related experience in the particular category your product or service falls into. This gives them initial insight into the audience and often the competitiveness of the space, sick but it is not necessary. Agencies are used to diving in and getting up to speed pretty quickly. Doing research on the different agencies and their clients can help you narrow down the agencies you want to bring in for review. It is helpful to bring in a few and ask for specific information and define tasks from each to compare. This also allows you the opportunity to meet with the people in person that would most likely work on your account. You get to experience the potential client agency relationship first hand.

During these meetings you can get a feel for how you are heard, viagra buy how your input was received and the level of creativity of the agency. They can provide you with a plan or vision for how they see your product or service reaching your audience. You can determine if you have similar goals and if they solved they marketing questions you have asked them.

Types of Agencies to Consider

Full Service Ad Agency–this is an agency that offers a wide variety of services and can help really keep your branding consistent and provide a single line of communication for all your marketing efforts. If you really like the relationship this is a great option.

Specialty Agency–this type of an agency specializes in one or a few related marketing fields, ed like digital only agencies. They can bring a great level of experience and understanding to a particular media. This type can be beneficial to a company who needs just a few marketing pieces or has an internal team to support the rest of the marketing. It is not impossible to use a set of specialty agencies to meet your variety of needs. It just requires more management from your company to keep everyone on the same page.

Fostering the Relationship

Communication is key. An agency partner needs to be abreast of your ever-changing business climate, company goals and new objectives. Your agency needs to be flexible, adjust thinking and sometimes meet impossible deadlines. They have to feel like part of your company and your team. A good client agency relationship should feel effortless and seamless.

Client Agency Relationship

Written by on April 6, 2012

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