But, I love my logo!

When approaching a brand redesign or overhaul we often run into people who have a hard time parting ways with their logo. It is a truly understandable thing. Often when we start new businesses they become like our children. Blood, sweat, tears and money have likely played a huge role in it’s creation. I know people love their logos but what is more important is that your customers love your brand and use your goods and services, right?

A lot of people have a pretty strong vision of what they want their logos to look like and some even design them themselves. It can be a very personal decision that needs to be carefully analyzed. At the end of the day the logo needs to appeal to your audience and not you. It certainly can reflect your brand standards, ideals and color schemes. But it needs to resonate with your audience and create a feeling that you intend it to along with communicating elements of what you do and what you stand for.

Some people love purple and others don’t, but what does your audience like, who are they, how will it make them feel? Sometimes when we look at established logos they only need a slight change or in some circumstances are fine to build a whole platform around. You just need to take yourself out of the equation and remember marketing has to play a bigger role in creating the right identity that starts with your logo.

If you have an abstract logo it is okay to use as long as you are willing to spend some money getting people aware of who you are and what you do. For instance, Nike has used the swoosh for a long time and often uses it as branding alone. They are a brand that is very well known and has spent a ton on advertising their brand so awareness is super high. They can get away will using a mark alone to represent their brands.

For most businesses in order to be seen is to stand out and because you may only have a feel seconds to make an impression you will want to say as much as you can with your logo. It’s a good, solid handshake so make sure you give it you all. Take a step back and really analyze your logo and see if it is doing as much work as it could.

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But, I love my logo?

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