Brand Positioning: Different, in this case is good

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When developing brand positioning you need to identify what makes you different or unique to your potential customers. Why would it be more beneficial for a customer to use your goods or services over another company’s? If you create your brand positioning to include these aspects you will be successful. Identifying what makes you unique can sometimes be difficult because a lot of companies will have similar strengths and offerings.

You really need to review all of your competitors and find what makes you “not like the others.” Then you can push this feature/benefit and build a platform around how to position yourself in all your marketing materials. Being consistent in how you talk about your company, for sale design your materials and provide customer service will help to solidify your brand positioning across all touch points. There are a few different strategies to consider when determining how to position brand. I have listed a few more common strategies for determining brand positioning below.

Low-cost leader

Your product or services can be provided and used for a lower cost then your competitors. 

More bang for your buck

In this approach you are saying you provide more value then your competition by offering more than anyone else can at that price. You will be showing high quality at a low cost.

Innovation station

Your products are on the cutting edge and you are constantly innovating to make more sophisticated offerings that will change the life of your consumers. This could be positioned around all the testing and market research you do.

We do it better

This strategy would utilize the fact that you are all around better then your competitor in that you can offer a product that is customized and will more closely meet your consumers needs.

Been around the block

You can use your experience, cialis your reputation and consumer confidence as a brand positioning. This is particularly helpful if you are an established company competing with newbies in the spare. Your credibility and trustworthiness can become a positioning.

When you really look at the things that set you apart from other companies, price you can build a strong identity, succinct messaging and build confidence through a unified position that supports and builds up your brand.

Creatage works on developing the best brand positioning for your company in order to set yourself apart and not be overlooked in the sea of competitors. Contact us today to help you get started or help you more closely examine if you are positioning your company in the right way.


Written by on February 25, 2014

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