What to Consider When Hiring a Website Design Company

Written by Irina Becker on January 30, 2014

Finding a good website design company is not an easy task. Below are some tips and questions to help you make a better choice. Before you start looking for a company there is a little homework you need to do. This will help you better understand what needs to be done, and save you time down […]

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8 Things That Can Hurt Your Brand

Written by Irina Becker on December 20, 2013

1. Lack of planning. Do you have a marketing plan in place for your brand? Having a clear goal and strategy to get there can save you time and money…

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Business Holiday Greetings

Written by ibecker on December 18, 2013

As the year comes to a close businesses are busy closing their books and finishing projects. It is the perfect time to send business holiday greetings to your clients. Marketing is a relationship business so it is a good time to reach out to your clients and let them know how much you appreciate their […]

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What is content marketing?

Written by Irina Becker on December 10, 2013

With the internet being so popular and easy to access from any device; from desktop to mobile; it is important to keep your content up-to-date and engaging. Content marketing will play a huge role in a modern business. It’s not just for big brands anymore, illness small business owners successfully use as part of their […]

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Target Market, Who are These People Anyways?

Written by Irina Becker on November 12, 2013

Most companies will recognize everyone that uses their product or service as their target market. This can be true, viagra 40mg however it is really difficult to target everyone that might use your good or service and would not be cost effective. You need to try and figure out which part of that total audience […]

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Direct Mail vs. Email

Written by ibecker on October 15, 2013

Both are very important parts of an integrated marketing campaign. They both can be used in conjunction with one another to reinforce one another, ambulance hit different type of users and appeal to different demographics. Since people use media in different ways it is better to cast a wider net with a few tactics at […]

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Good Logo Design Can Happen

Written by ibecker on September 17, 2013

Passion and determination is what most businesses are built upon. A dream, viagra a vision that provides a needed product or service to the masses, diagnosis which is formed and developed by a single person or a small army. No matter how it comes to life, a business is defined by those who envision it. […]

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Logo History

Written by Irina Becker on September 3, 2013

Throughout history people have wanted to identify objects with their creators and their origins. A mark, viagra a symbol, pharmacy a color, a word, a logo or a logotype did this quite well. Logos have evolved in their look, complexity and usage over time but still achieve their original goal, creating ownership. Let’s take a […]

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Creative Direct Mail-Dimensional Experience

Written by ibecker on May 30, 2013

Direct mail has specific elements that make it successful and in order to make a very creative direct mail piece you need to elevate those elements without losing sight of it’s main goal. The purpose of direct mail is to engage the viewer enough through use of an interesting format, viagra 60mg relatable imagery and […]

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Marketing Channels Preferred by Consumers

Written by Irina Becker on May 13, 2013

There are many marketing channels available. Every vertical seems to use a mix of them differently. The three marketing channels that seem to be most prevalent in multiple verticals are direct mail, see internet and email marketing. The graphic below shows how much the marketing channel is used in comparison to others in 18 different […]

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