Alterra Rebrand

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I am starting a series of articles where I want to offer my opinions on some of the rebranding that is being done in companies, price some very well known, order some not so much.

Today I am focusing on the Alterra rebrand. It is a chain of coffee shops in the Milwaukee, search Wisconsin area. After selling the Alterra name to Mars Drinks, the chain came up with a new name and identity. The new name Colectivo, was inspired by artful buses used for public transportation in Latin America. The Colectivo buses brought many different kinds of people together to create a shared experience where they would communicate and travel to new destinations along side one another. The new brand wanted to capture this idea of bringing people together in it’s coffee shops to create a “collective” shared experience.


Here are few examples of identity.





In my opinion, this is a great rebrand. The company selected a very fun approach to their identity. They are embracing the idea of many different kinds of people and cultures with the use of bold, energetic colors and tribal like graphics. It truly is unique and sets itself apart from the branding of many of its competitors. It is youthful and fresh. The new logo looks great and reminds a little of a retro bus. It creates a friendly and dynamic feel. I think they really did a nice job and am looking forward to the evolution of the brand.


Written by on October 1, 2013

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